Homeable Home Care

At Homeable, our team of nurses & caregivers offer a suite of home-care services.

Going the Extra Mile

Our compassionate care and professional support is available 24/7 for seniors who live at home in Waterloo Region. With live-in home care, a trained professional supports your loved one in their home 24/7 . This allows your loved one to remain in a familiar environment instead of undergoing the stress of moving to a new location, with new routines and new people.

For individuals with limited mobility, we offer assistance with day-to-day housekeeping tasks to help them maintain comfortable living space. Everyone appreciates living in a safe, clean environment. However, the tasks required to maintain such a space can be difficult to complete. At Homeable, we offer assistance with light housekeeping, laundry, and much more to help your loved one keep their home comfortably clean and their health on the right track.

When you’re the primary caregiver for someone who lives with health challenges, it can mean you’re responsible for them 24 hours a day. In the beginning, it may have been possible to leave them alone for periods of time, but eventually, your loved one may require someone to care for them around the clock. We help primary caregivers look after their elderly family members, so they can take care of other responsibilities, go on vacation, or enjoy an evening out.

Long-term care facilities are often busy settings without enough nurses and staff available to give one-on-one support. With our supplemental care, your loved one will get the attention they truly need. We work with your loved one to understand and cater to their specific needs. Residents in long-term care may already receive assistance with their basic needs, but many have needs that are left unacknowledged. We tend to the challenges that seniors experience and work to prevent the loneliness and isolation that commonly occur in long-term care.

we are

Independent, friendly & locally owned

Homeable was born & raised in Waterloo Region.  We care deeply about the friendships, family & seniors we care for throughout the region.