Senior Care

Homeable approaches each person in our care as the true individual they are. We offer a range of seniors services companionship and basic home care and can tend to almost all your or your loved one’s needs.

Senior Care Services in Waterloo Region

After Surgery Care

Post-operative care may involve physiotherapy, medication, bandage care, and more. We manage after-surgery care for seniors by coordinating with your loved one’s specialists, doctors, and caregivers to develop a plan that will aid the road to recovery.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

With the proper support system in place, a person living with Alzheimer’s and/or other forms of dementia can remain at home longer today than you may realize. Visit our page on Alzheimer’s and dementia to learn how we can support a senior with dementia living at home.

Diabetes Care

Improper management of diabetic symptoms can turn a manageable chronic disease into a devastating one. Read more about our diabetes care program to learn how we help your loved one manage their diabetic care safely.

Help in Hospitals

Yes, Homeable also offers help in our hospital system. When you’re juggling care for a loved one in the hospital with your other familial and professional responsibilities, you can become overwhelmed fast. Let us help. 

Palliative Care

Palliative care, also called hospice care, focuses on supporting your family by providing end-of-life care in your loved one’s home.

Parkinson's Care

We understand how having Parkinson’s can make daily living increasingly difficult as symptoms worsen. Our healthcare team will adjust as needed to make at-home living as enjoyable and safe as possible.

24-Hour Care

For seniors unable to live in their own homes unattended, we offer around-the-clock care, too. Give your family peace of mind, and help your loved one stay safe, healthy, and comfortable with 24-hour care.

Stroke Recovery

Recovering at home from a stroke can improve your loved one’s outcomes. We can help.

Free Consultation

We understand that there are many questions, considerations & personal issues that you want to address. We offer free in-person consultations to ensure that we develop the best care program for yourself or loved-one.